NCC-Bio strives to practice love and achieve goodness.

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The development of science without deep thought is merely superficial knowledge, but if philosophical consensus is reached, the advancement of science becomes a new civilization. A new civilization creates values that did not exist before and, with the help of capital, makes the world a better place.
For atheists, the consensus to apply new medicine to human diseases is based on a philosophy of righteousness and the process of implementing it is science.
For theists, the act of applying it to human diseases is fulfilling the commandments of God, in other words, creating goodness, and science is the path that reveals
the divine order, proving the existence of a perfect God. In any case, the basic values of science or the society that supports it must be based on respect for human beings and have the purpose of achieving goodness.

The toxic substance of yew trees was discovered in 1962 and in 1971 the substance Taxol was isolated and its anti-cancer efficacy was discovered. And in 1993 it
was approved for medical use. The toxicity of yew trees is just knowledge, but the consensus to understand its causes and mechanisms of toxicity and apply it
to fatal human diseases through cell cycle inhibition becomes a new civilizationPrior to that, the yew tree, which was merely a tree in the field, becomes valued as
a lifesaving resource. And in a world where capital flows, cancer patients experience a better world through taxol.

NCC-Bio discovered for the first time in the world that the energy metabolism of cancer cells is different from normal cells and found a target
for energy metabolism that cancer cells depend on absolutely. When inhibiting it, only cancer cells are killed without harming normal cells,
leading to an effective cancer treatment method. This opens a new chapter in anti-cancer strategies that we have never experienced before and
will be an opportunity to cure all cancers. It is the answer to the question we most seek in cancer treatment: 'What distinguishes tumors from normal cells
while depending absolutely on their survival?’

NCC-Bio strives to practice love and achieve goodness. When we achieve our good purpose, we believe that those who have met God will receive great rewards prepared by God

ceo Soo Youl, kim