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Anti-cancer efficacy evaluation services

NCC-Bio provides preclinical anti-cancer efficacy evaluation services for researchers aiming
to develop new anticancer agents.
In Vitro Evaluation of anticancer efficacy

*sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay

-We possess a diverse range of cell lines for 13 different tissues,
including pancreas, kidney, colon, breast, lung, and more.

In Vitro Evaluation of anticancer efficacy

*Repeated Dose Toxicity

*Optimun dose selection

*Xenograft Model

*Allo graft Model

*Metastasis Model

*IVIS Lumina Filming

We can adjust the experimental schedule in consultation with the researchers, and for animal experiments, we provide results within 5 months if
no issues arise according to the planned timeline. To achieve prompt and favorable outcomes,
we can have regular meetings with the client to make necessary modifications.

For detailed inquiries regarding costs and research timelines, please contact us at the following email address: